Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

Joyce Bloome Fri May 08 2020

May is the official month of mental health awareness and it only befits that we make this a necessary discussion, at this time and create more awareness and talk about ways to improve our mental well being. We however need to always take care of ourselves, not just during this month. Mental well being is an important aspect of our school life and generally plays a big role in how we perform in school, accomplish school assignments and socially as well. In that regard, here at Homework Maestro we discuss various ways to maintain sanity and improve deploring mental health find below tips. Kindly note that tips outlined below are our own views on how to cope with mental health and by no means are they to be regarded as cure for mental health.

1.      Acceptance

The first and most important step to improving your mental health is to accept that indeed it needs to be improved. Mental health is so wide as a topic but we are going to talk about the basic minimum. There are those days that you feel like you want to do nothing especially school assignments, attending classes or even just get out of bed. Acknowledging these feelings and many more like them is the first step towards an improved mental state, give yourself time to assess these feelings and from here you can work on how to combat them and thus begin a journey to bettering yourself.

2.      Know what triggers your mental health deploring.

After acceptance, the secondary step is to find out what triggers your mental state going downhill. You can do this by retracing steps of events that led you to feeling the way you do. Sometimes triggers can be what we indulge in on a daily, such as spending a lot of time on social media, having monochromatic routines and keep repeating it, trying so hard at understanding class concepts, doing school work for hours on end without taking a break, overwhelming school works, tight schedules and social activities. Knowing what causes triggers will help you know how what steps to take to better take care of your mental health.

3.      Dwell on positivity

The power of staying positive both in activity and in your thoughts is so great. The small act of telling yourself something positive daily attributes to having great mental health. Dwell on your strengths, what you love. Simple things such as thinking about your favorite flowers, a favorite movie or even a simple affirmation such as declaring a day is going to be great and productive. Provoking happy feelings and just going with the flow of it goes a long way in keeping you afloat. Write down something you are grateful about and go back to revisiting happy moments shared with friends and family.

4.      Be present in the moment.

Simple acts such as being present in the moment can do a whole lot to improving moods and mental health. Such simple things include enjoying a shower, smelling flowers, taking a walk in the park and paying regard to birds chirping, children playing etc. The simple joy of watching a favorite movie, laughing with friends and family and revisiting happy memories are an awesome way to lift your moods and help you be productive in whatever way you planned your day to go, indulge yourself in self care and be gracious about it.

5.      Document your feelings.

An effective way to help you feel better and assessing our mental health is by writing what you feel. Take that piece of paper and pour your soul and feelings into it, you will be surprised by how much better you will feel. Most times, we find that we feel down and a bit depressed because of bottled up emotions that either we refuse to understand or simply are avoiding feeling, events such as being mad at your best friends, feeling indifferent towards teachers, to not being able to carry out school tasks contribute to our moods changing, having a neutral outlet that wont judge you is exactly what pen and paper is for, writing will make you feel better.

6.      Talk to someone.

So your moods have taken a dumper and you are not feeling yourself, talk to someone you trust about. This person ought to be someone who will make you feel better and cheer you up. This could be your parents, siblings a favorite relative or your best friend. Tell them how you feel and they might even give suggestions on how to combat how you feel, don’t just call them, go on simple dates such as a walk in park, taking coffee or even a movie date or sleepover. Having people around us who make us feel better and can completely let our guard down are very important for our mental well being.

7.      Evaluate your friends and relationships

People who are in our lives on a daily basis contribute a great deal on our mental state, both for the positive and the negative. Do you feel safe around your friends? Are you at ease in expressing yourself in their company? Can you open up to them about your feelings? Sometimes we are just in the wrong company, thus having negative energy around us hence our mental health deploring, be sure to surround yourself with persons who you feel comfortable be especially inside school environment, as they will play a great role in the success of your mental journey.

8.      Take a break

Giving yourself breaks in between school work and social life works a great deal towards having a great mental state. Schedule yourself some me time, take time off to cool off, re evaluate yourself and assess your well being. Taking a break includes doing away with bad habits such as spending hours on end on social media, drinking alcohol and taking care of you better. Schedule breaks after study hours and find time to do something you love such a reading or watch a movie, doing minimal tasks such as arranging your closet and excising will help you have a clear mind and bring your feelings into perspective.

9.      Eat Better

What we choose to eat actually does impact on how we feel. Eating healthy and having balanced diet nourishes our whole body and brain, for instance eating a substantial amount of carbohydrates increases production of serotonin a chemical that has a calming effect on our moods. Research shows that eating healthy helps a great deal in how we act and how our moods will be, so eat those fruits and make you feel better all together.

10.  Seek professional help

This is so very important. Seeking professional help impacts a whole lot in combating a deploring mental state. Having someone who actually understands mental health in a professional perspective gives you the advantage of understanding what you feel and how to effectively deal with it. In school talk to a teacher you trust, your guidance and counselor too, go to a doctor, conduct research on your options as information is available online, some entities even offer such services for at no cost all.

With the above tips, do take care of yourself better and remember to always think positively. Please take into consideration that this are just ideas on how to improve your mental health, you can tell us more on how you improve your mental health in the comment section, you never know you could be helping someone out.


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