The Art of Balancing Your School and Social Life

Rita Isabella Wed Apr 08 2020

School is one of the gazillion places where a student is bound to meet lifelong friends, create special bonds and a million memories to keep the youthful escapades forever. A thin line though, separates a healthy social school life and a healthy relationship with your books. Worry not we are here to provide you with a handful of tips on how to balance that and still have a blast while pursuing your dreams.

1.      Study Groups

You and your friends can come up with schedules on when to hang out and when to study, if you have the same goals academically this should be easy. Studying in groups helps you learn a lot because you are exposed to different ideas and is a definite plus because you are improving your connections with friends while at the same time keeping your grades up or improved.

2.      Not a study group person? We still got you

We get it, not everyone is a group person especially when it comes to study. Some people are lone readers and that’s absolutely ok. A helpful tip if you are this type of person is to create a study time away from your friends, but still make time for a hung out at the movies or that shopping date with your friends. Creating schedules for both gives you a balance that doesn’t affect either your social life or academic life giving you a win situation in both cases and everyone is happy.

3.      Evaluate your friends

A popular phrase goes show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are. Who are your friends and what value do they add to both your social and academic life? Surrounding yourself with people whose goals are the same as yours gives you the balance of worthy friendships and at the same time a great academic record. Friends focusing on the same academic goals are friends worth keeping.

4.      Give yourself a break, you deserve it

Everyone needs a break once every while, be it from books or from friends. A great study plan must have a break for the other parts of your life including your friends. Don’t feel guilty going to get ice cream with a pal after a gruesome study session. Take the rest if you are tired studying and make time for relaxing and hanging out thus creating a healthy balance for all aspects of your life both social and academically.

5.      Avoid Distractions!

Create a study time schedule that exclusively excludes your phone. Your phone can be a huge social distraction when studying. What with all notifications popping up from friends’ texts, and from your social apps, you definitely can’t concentrate on studying. Make is a purpose to have a no phone study session unless you are using it for research of which a laptop is a better alternative. Drawing the line between when to engaging friends through your phone and when to exclusively study will help a great deal to improve your academic life as well as balance out your social life.

6.      Seek help

We all get overwhelmed sometimes and it’s no crime to seek help when we feel so. If you need advice and help on creating a balance, please do so. Talk to a lecturer about it or your schools guidance and counselor. To keep a sane and functioning mind to focus on your goals, help is always great, and if you truly feel overwhelmed that’s when we come in. too much homework can really be weighty and having someone else do it to keep you from losing your mind is just but fair to yourself and your health.

7.      Join Clubs and group Activities

A great way of keeping a balance of both your social and school life is to join school clubs and activities that are outside normal book life. They help you keep active and jog your mind for relaxed study session while at the same time help you keep abreast with social life. Clubs are especially helpful because they enable you meet like minded people and helps you discover your creative side. Some of the activities you can join include sports, drama and hey if you love reading book clubs are an awesome way to spend your free time.

8.      Discipline

So you have a scheduled study time, you’ve chosen a topic to study topic but you just can’t seem to get to it... That is called procrastination. Often times we all find it so easy to say ill do it later, which never happens. Creating a study schedule and setting aside time to actually do the studying requires self discipline. Say no to your friends if they want to hang out during your study time, keep your phone off and really do what you are meant to do during your study time.

9.      Create A to do List

An awesome way to make sure you meet all your set goals is by creating a to do list. Planning yourself and knowing what to do and when to do it gives you the advantage of creating time for every aspect in your life, therefore creating time for both books and social life. Sort yours tasks from ones that require the most priority to those that require the least, great tools that can help you an awesome to-do list include sticky notes and journals.

10.  Quiet study Environment.

Your room or the hostels can make great hang out places but can also be distractions, creating a thin line between your social life and academic life. It is where all your friends will find you, where your stereo is and might be a little bit too comfortable for a healthy study session. A pro tip for a successful study session is finding places that have the least minimum amount of distraction and a great place could be your school or local library. Not only do libraries give you an ample time to study, they also have great research materials to help you do that homework that seemed impossible.

We hope that all these tips help you create the much needed balance between your social and academic life, feel free to reach out to us for clarifications, advise and more tips. We are here to help and ease your school life.

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