Is Social Distancing Getting Boring? We Got You

Rita Isabella Fri Apr 17 2020

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) got us all staying indoors, sometimes with just ourselves and our minds wondering what to do other than eat, sleep repeat.

Worry not... we got you.

Here are some fun ideas you can try out while keeping safe at home without getting bored.

1.      Read a book or even a graphic novel

A little book never hurt anyone. Picture this; you’ve attended online classes, caught up on all your assignments so what better way to chill than to cozy up and have a good read? Disappear (temporarily, at least) from this world of worry and uncertainty into a world of fantasy, romance and superheroes for just a tiny little while. Books are a great way to relax your mind and keep from being anxious. A better idea is to indulge in your class reads just for the fun for it without the pressure of understanding all the literature, this way you kill two birds with one stone. You get to catch up with school work sans the pressure while still keeping yourself occupied enough and not bored out of your mind.

2.      Learn a new skill

This is the perfect time to learn that new skill you’ve always wanted to, from editing photos and videos for your social media apps, learning a new language, sharpening your cooking skills, baking and even sewing. The internet other than being a great resource for research and getting your school work done is also a superb tool for amplifying your skills and get to learn a lot more about your interests from the comfort of your home. There are free online courses that you could enroll in for this. An added perk is that it can be a great add to your portfolio and be a great add to your resumé or college application.

3.      DIYs

More than ever, quarantine is the perfect excuse to try your hand in DIYs. You can’t truly ever know what your hands and creativity could actually do until you try something new. DIYs are a great way to revamp your space and school items as well as just for the heck of it 😊. It’s time to cozy up your study space by adding tiny details, redecorating your pencil pouch and do a little graffiti on your desk, make a college outfit journal so that you do away with struggling what to wear once school officially resumes and sew those loose string on your sweaters. DIYs are forever and one can hardly get bored of them since it’s something you created, personalized and did yourself. They will also serve as study breaks and offer you a creative way to relax while still learning something new.

4.      Find a new Hobby

This is the best time to find out what you really are interested in and give it a go. This is the perfect time to give the internet a rest and find something that you enjoy offline. New hobbies can range from improving your skills in board games, writing or even bullet journaling. Take this chance to travel within you and probably rediscover old hobbies that you don’t find time to do anymore. You could give Yoga a try after a hard study session, cycling while pondering over your assignments. Bake that cake off the recipe you were dying to try out, read a book a day and simply let your mind engage in something new, trust us it will than you later.

5.      Keep your connections.

Social distancing got you missing that much needed human connection? Worry not that’s what Face time, Skype and zoom are for; virtual connections are the next best thing we can get given the circumstances we currently are in. We have to revamp the way we do this calls, you and friends could engage in online games, do movie trivia’s together, board games and other fun group games. This adds oomph to your normal conversation and makes your interactions much more fun, and meaningful. You could use the time to actually discuss class concepts that you didn’t understand assignments and toss around ideas as well as giving each other support and encouragement. We all are in this together for the long haul.

6.      Clean your Closet

This is the perfect time to clean out your closet, purge and organize your room and closet. What more time could you ever ask to get your room into a homey place, organize clothes into piles of those you wear, the ones you no longer wear, school clothes and clothes to donate? A perfect inspiration pull is the Marie Kondo series on Netflix, YouTube and Pinterest are awesome tools to seek inspiration from. This is a great study break as well as an awesome activity to keep you occupied and productive. You might as well quarantine and study in a clean space.

7.      Self care

You literally have every excuse to indulge yourself and practice self care. You can indulge after a great study session or a break when studying doesn’t starts feeling like a chore. Take online personality tests discover who you really are and understand yourself, take a bubble birth, work on your skin care routine, binge watch your favorite show create a vision board and jump start on those projects you’ve never gotten to doing, make this the time to be the version of yourself you can ever be, so that by the school resumes you have your goals in check, and study plan in place.

8.      Indulge in social media challenges

Social media challenges have made quite a buzz and they’re such a great way to distract you from everything going on. Do those nerdy questions sent via WhatsApp, dance and indulge in those Instagram and TikTok dance challenges, make new playlists with your friends and just have simple times as you enjoy your study breaks and assignments. It’s an awesome way keep up with your friends as well as have simple fun as you keep distance and stay safe.

9.      Write!

This is such a simple thing to do yet very therapeutic. You just have to be disciplined and keep at it. Writing your experience down, daily affirmations and goals are a great way to keep tabs on your daily activities and just speak your mind, it will relax your mind and a good way to keep memories. This is the best time to have journals, find a format of journaling that suits you and keep it, do it as a hobby and thank us later.

10.  A little binge watching hurt no one.

What better time to invest in watching your favorite shows, and find new things to watch. Movie streaming services such as Netflix, HBO, Hulu and Freeform come in handy. Look for educative series, documentaries and docuseries. Watch travel blogs on YouTube, catch up with your favorite bloggers and listen to virtual music lives on Instagram refuse to get bored during social distancing and have some solo fun!


With all these ideas keep safe, keep at assignments and keep social distancing. Remember to have all the fun while still doing school work, be productive and let others know what other great ideas you have for vamping up your school life during social distancing.

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