How to Use Social Media to be Productive

Rita Isabella Thu Apr 30 2020

Social media is meant to be interactive, fun and pressure free. Most of us have one or two or even three social media platforms and we mostly use them to keep up with friends, trends and celebrities, but did you know that you can actually use social media productively in terms of doing research, source for research materials, conduct surveys and get ideas for your projects as well as tutorials for various courses and do it yourselves. Below are tips on how to maximally utilize social media productively and sustainably creating a balance on both fun and academically.

1.      Follow Educational content

This might come as a surprise but social media is actually a great source of information about school. Most institutions are privy with technology and are trying to keep abreast with emerging trends, chances of you finding information about your next career move, notes for that literature class, groups on face book with the same career choice as you and interests! Some students even post educational content especially on YouTube. Most colleges and institutions use social media applications such as Instagram to keep students updated with their activities; it’s actually the easiest way to access any information you need and the necessary contacts you might need to help you with your career path.

2.      Share educational material

Take it upon yourself to actually share educational stuff on your social media sites. You might have come across educational material that your friends and course mates have no access to, sharing educational content on your platforms could help someone learn and might even strike up important conversations and discussions surrounding the subject matter. They might even help you understand concepts you were green about previously. As you have fun online keeping up with each others’ social lives, make it a point to learn as well.

3.      Try and self learn

As mentioned earlier, social media is a tool of a wide array of information. Take this chance to self teach concepts that were not understood during classes. There are actual video tutorials on various educational content, learning online though requires discipline and gives one a chance to test their understanding capabilities, imagine being able to tackle a whole topic by yourself, it’s like unraveling a gift that you will forever treasure, and who knows, you might be able to actually help someone else understand the same concept.

4.      Make learning fun with friends

Take advantage of the tech era and use it maximally to interact with your friends. This is the best way to catch up with your friends while we are all practicing social distancing, specifically take advantage of site such as Skype, face time and zoom to video call your friends. To make these interactions productive, form groups to discuss class assignments, projects and make sure all of your friends are keeping up with school work. This is actually an awesome way to brainstorm difficult topics, unpopular subjects while keeping in contact with one another.

5.      Get creative

Social media gives everyone a chance to tap on their creative side, wait with all the access to ideas, content creators and news channels, social platforms are literally farms of what students can actually do, from sourcing study playlists, book recommendations and illustrations, this is the best chance to get creative on what works best for you academically. From trying DIYs on how to make your school supplies trendy, to creating study plans, creative writing to even creating your own study materials. The fun part about this is you can easily share with your friends for critic and widening your creative side. You can even do mini projects with target deadlines to keep yourself active and from getting bored.

6.      Source for a health routine.

Social distancing as much as it seems as a limiting in a lot ways is actually a gateway to sourcing for healthy traits such as keeping fit, eating healthy. YouTube is a great source for simple home workouts that you could engage in right before you dig in to study. Workouts are actually a great way to make and keep your mind active for hours and still be able to absorb and understand what you are studying. Instagram is another great source for healthy recipes, most fitness and food nutritionists are on the platform, just a follow button away.

7.      Source of mental sanity

Sounds ironic right? Social media platforms are actually a great way to let out. If you are having anxiety, bad moods and need a way to let out your emotions, social media is a medium to get you the help you need. You can get help from online counselors, some even for free. Another way to use is as a let out platform is by asking for ideas on what to do when feeling down, you might be surprised by the number of people going through the same thing as you are and they might be the answer to making you feel better and not so lonely.

8.      Use social media sparingly

This might catch you by surprise, but reducing the amount of time spent on social media can help you realize your productivity goals. You can then use it as break too from studying; say you’ve studied for three hours, schedule one hour to let you glance at your online activity as you digest what you’ve studied. This break will act as the bridge between spacing out your study plans. You still get to rest during study sessions but at the same time not overindulging on either your studies or social media thus keeping a healthy balance.

9.      Take advantage of free online classes.

Most institutions are taking this quarantine period to revamp and offer online classes and some of them are absolutely free. Source for this information on social media and get guided on how to enroll, a perfect example is Harvard offering up to 61 courses for free. Take the chance to learn a new skill that you might later on use to accentuate your curriculum vitae and well also just for the fun it.

10.  Start a business

The best way to actually use social media is to start a new business or source for new business opportunities and careers. Blog about your social distancing, start a food channel, be a DIY guru, you never know where this vast land of online opportunities will actually take you so take that chance and use it as a marketing tool to put you out there whatever idea you decide to engage in and let it make money for you.

We surely hope these tips will go a long way in improving your social media skills and productivity, let us know how else social media can be use to increase student productivity. Oh another pro tip is to use social media to spread kindness, spread awareness and please do have fun while at it. Stay safe and keep the discussions going, let us know your thoughts.

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