Benefits of Partnered/Peer Learning

Joyce Nyawira Mon Jun 01 2020

Studying alone can be a struggle sometimes and even more this time when everyone is keeping a distance from their friends because of COVID-19 disease. We all at some point have experienced that they learn and comprehend a lot when a concept is explained exhaustively in class with everyone contributing to the discussion than when they are given homework to study and internalize themselves. That’s where peer learning comes in, and more important now it’s online partnered learning because of keeping distance and well because it is summer and everyone is at their place. Below we discuss the benefits of learning in a group and finally give tips on how to find your perfect study partner online as well as mediums on where to study.

1. Enhanced Comprehension

It is said that two heads is better than one, what about more heads? When studying in a group you get to hear points explained differently, gain insight on a lot more ideas and thus get to understand a lot more about the subject discussion, without your brain getting tired  trying to understand complex concepts. It is easier to absorb information when it is explained out loudly as opposed to reading it on paper or screen. Group study with other students gives you the confidence as you feel relaxed enough and are able to easily seek clarification on points you don’t understand as well you might find yourself actually enjoying the whole study process.

2. Increased Motivation

Most people are usually geared to perform better and generally feel motivated to accomplish tasks when they are in a group rather when they are tasked to do it alone and learning is no different, students feel motivated to study more, actually comprehend what they are studying when they are in a group because first of all you don’t want to look like a slob in front of fellow students hence you get motivated to learn more, contribute lots as well as study smarter. Further, group study is the motivating factor to help you learn and absorb you more because you feel obligated to match or rather impress your peers hence you engage and participate more to fulfill the created obligation.

3. Keeps you focused

When studying alone, one tends to lose focus and get distracted easily and hence veer off to social media, staring into space, start scrolling through your gallery and decide to give up on studying all together. Partnered studying especially online helps you keep focus and therefore get to learn a lot in the process. You obviously won’t want to start scrolling your phone during a zoom study session, because you don’t want your peers to think negatively of you. The mere thought of just wanting to be a good spot and a cooperating group member gets you focused and in the right space to get to learn and comprehend the subject matter more.

4. Peer competition

Learning alone, you don’t feel obligated to actually think creatively or outside the box thus you find yourself studying shallowly and even lazily. You don’t find yourself pushed enough to solve problems at hand, however partnered studying pushes you to a little healthy competition against your study partners. You will find yourselves vying to be more efficient and productive and even more comprehensive than your partners, this pushing you to think more creatively to come up with solutions to problems rather than your capability when you are studying alone. More over the additional perspectives you will acquire serves to give you more insight hence you gain more knowledge.

5. Improved interpersonal skills

Partnered learning presents students with opportunity to improve your people and interpersonal skills as it presents a premise of connecting you to peers with shared goals, and active involvement in solving tasks at hand. You get to test out how you work with people outside your normal circle, your commitment to working with others which later on will translate to your work ethics. It also helps you to bond socially and relax, which boosts your confidence and interacting skills which help you co relate with colleagues in future in case you will be needed to collaborate on projects, also your job interview skills will be highly improved.

Tips on finding the best Online partner to Study with

6. Ask your friends

This comes obviously because you will feel comfortable studying online with a friend, someone who is well known to you and probably takes the same classes in school. You can come up with schedules to study via Skype or zoom. Here you can share links and sources of study, engage in asking each other questions or generally just discuss topics either of you found challenging to comprehend in class and toss around ideas to help one another learn more and gain further perspective.

7. Advertise on social Media

Put it out there that you are interested in finding an online study partner. You might get to connect with someone who is also looking for the same or a whole bunch of people who are interested in the same. Post on your Facebook or Instagram stories and you will find your fellow peers reaching out to you, just be sure to be specific about your area of study, your interests and expectations as well as requirements for the partnered study to be successful.

8. Research

Make Google your friend and research on online partnered studies and peer learning. There is a lot of information that can help you navigate through it successfully, you might even stumble upon blogs and schools that offer platforms and programs for the same thus making it easier for you to get linked with fellow students to partner with.

Some of the mediums that are perfect to help your online group study sessions to be a success include Skype, Zoom, BlueJeans, Google Hangout Meet, Adobe connect and Go ToMeeting. All you have to do is research extensively on which platform will adequately meet the nature of your studies and help you engage with your study partners effectively. Other than that you can actually go traditional and form groups solely for online studies on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp for discussing and brainstorming ideas and then resort to video calls for familiarizing yourselves with topics and with each other. Have you ever engaged in partnered learning online or are interested in engaging yourself in one, let us know below.

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